Sexy Caramel


Texts & calls from withheld numbers will be ignored!

When contacting me for the first time be as clear as possible. Make sure you have read my website, FAQ & understood everything fully as to avoid misunderstandings. You may contact me between 11AM & 11PM but the times I am available vary. I prefer a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. It's best to E-Mail me to make a booking. You can also book me via the AdultWork website but it is best to call first to check my availability. I highly recommend booking as early as possible. Please do not be offended if I cannot accommodate your request.

Questions about what I am wearing, any form of unsavoury or explicit E-Mails or texts will be ignored as this will lead me to believe you have misunderstood the service I offer.

Please be aware that I am a professional escort/companion not a mistress. Even if we get along really well I would appreciate you refrain from asking me out for a drink/date/dinner presumably unpaid as it will always be difficult embarrassing when I have to decline your kind offer.